3 Steps to select your SEO company

search-engine-optimisation-seo1 It has been said that desperate times call for desperate measures, and that is the feeling that most website owners have after they’ve been experiencing the huge frustrations of trying to get their online businesses to be displayed in the top ranking pages of Yahoo! or Google. Your only option as a website owner who must have a good ranking or else go bankrupt, would be to hire a really great SEO company that specializes in getting a small business like yours a really great ranking at all costs. Here are six ways to make sure you are picking the right company to put you in the league with the big boys of the internet world:

1. IMPLEMENT A GOOD BACKGROUND CHECK ON YOUR POTENTIAL SEO COMPANY This step includes typing the company name in Yahoo! or Google and seeing what kind of negative feedback comes back on the SEO business that you are interested in. I would say that if there are more than six credible instances of irate customers who used this SEO company and were not at all satisfied with the service they provided, definitely start looking elsewhere.

Just make sure you are looking in the right places to get this credible info, because it could be misinformation put out there by the SEO company’s main competitors. If you can make a contact with a previous customer, by all means do this first. A first hand testimonial from someone with a similar online business like yours who had a good experience with the SEO company is the best research tool of all.

Rs-modern-hospital2. MAKE SURE THEIR OWN SITE IS VERY HIGH IN GOOGLE’S RANKING PAGE If an SEO company cannot get their own business ranked at least in the top ten on Yahoo! or Google, they won’t have a shot at helping you get even a decent rating in one of the biggest search engines. Any really competent SEO company will be listed in the top five rankings under “SEO businesses”, so start with those five and work your way down your list and find a really good SEO company that fits your budget.

3. ASK FOR A LIST OF CREDIBLE REFERRALS Again, this is a great research tool you must use to figure out the respectability of any decent SEO company. If they refuse to give you at least three website addresses of businesses they have optimized web pages for, then you must cross them off your list. Even if the SEO company says that they cannot give you any names because of confidentiality agreements, do not take “no” for an answer. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why former customers should be kept a secret from future clients.